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Giving Dad Some Comebacks About Put-Backs

, , , , | Right | August 15, 2020

I’m working in a supermarket clothing department, putting out some stuff from that day’s delivery. A few people are shopping around me as I’m doing so, including a few parents with children as it’s a school holiday.

One father is looking at clothes for a young girl, pulling clothes off the pegs and putting them back onto pegs once he’s looked at them. I resign myself to having to go through and put those clothes back into size order once he’s left. After a few minutes, a teenage girl comes to join him.

Girl: “Have you found something for [Other Girl] yet?”

Father: “I don’t know. There are a few things she might like. What do you think of this?”

He holds up a white T-shirt.

Father: “Or this?”

He holds up a red one.

Girl: “I think she’d like either one.”

He puts the white T-shirt on a random peg.

Father: “A white T-shirt would just get dirty.”

Girl:Dad! That doesn’t go there!”

She looks at the rest of the display.

Girl: “Did you put anything back where you found it?”

Father: “It’s not my job.”

Girl: “You always tell me to put things back where I found them. You’re supposed to set a good example.”

Father: “Yeah, but you weren’t here.”

Girl: “That’s no excuse. You’re always complaining about customers messing your section up at [Other Supermarket], so why are you making a mess here?”

To his credit, the man did put back everything he’d been looking at, in the right position on the correct pegs. Thank you, [Girl], for shaming your dad into not being the sort of customer he complains about.

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