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Giving Birth To One Final Joke

, , , , | Related | May 2, 2018

(Due to several medical issues, my doctor and I agree that it would be best for me to have an oophorectomy — ovaries removed. My husband and I do not have any children, but we’ve already agreed we’d both rather adopt if/when the time comes that we want to grow our family. My mom, who has also been very supportive throughout this process, has volunteered to bring me to the surgery center the day of my appointment. The only thing that makes me nervous is going under anesthesia, but all of the nurses and the anesthesiologist are so friendly, and really help me to calm down. They even crack jokes with my mom during all of the pre-op prep. The time comes for them to wheel me back to surgery. I’ve already had my first dose of meds, so I am feeling pretty relaxed at this point.)

Mom: *getting one last joke in* “Well, there goes my chance of having any grandkids!”

Me: *so shocked, and loopy enough, that I sit straight up on the bed and shout* “She made it this far without saying that!”

(I’m told the nurses got a good laugh out of it.)

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