Giving A Serious Address To The Address

| Working | February 26, 2015

(I am calling for a replacement gift card through a popular credit card company. The agent on the phone seems pleasant enough…)

Agent: “May I please have your address?”

Me: *gives address*

Agent: “Do I add ‘th’ to the end of the number on the street?”

Me: “Um, I guess.”

Agent: “Do I abbreviate street to ‘St’ or do I spell out ‘street?'”

Me: “You can just abbreviate.”

Agent: “And it’s north, as in the direction ‘north?'”

Me: “Yes.”

Agent: “Do I put a comma after the city in which you reside?”

(This goes on for several minutes, instructing her on how to add an address. I was a bit baffled the whole time but at least she was pleasant.)

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