Gives Two Kahoots About Power

| Learning | January 29, 2016

(We are reviewing for exams. We use a review game called Kahoot, which is an online competition which connects to the school’s iPads. You answer quiz questions as fast as possible to try to get the most kahoots (basically points). I am very good at Kahoot, and I have a rather large ego. I have been doing rather well, so I use the username “Emperor [My Name].”)

Me: *maniacal laughter* “I am your god! Bow down before me!”

Classmate #1: “No.”

(I am in first place when I accidentally submit the wrong answer choice, causing me to drop to fourth. It is then that I notice that someone with the user name “[My Name] the Terrible” has overtaken me. Naturally, I am outraged.)

Me: “WHAT!?!? Find me this ‘[My Name] the Terrible’ and bring me his head!”

Classmate #2: “Calm down a little, [My Name]!”


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