Gives New Meaning To Family Tree

| Pennsylvania, USA | Right | December 17, 2010

(I work as an educator in a native American village. I am with a group of pre-schoolers.)

Me: “Believe it or not, the Lenape used to tie their babies to a board and hang them in a tree so the foxes wouldn’t get them!”

Child 1: “Do they still do that?”

Me: “No, they live just like we do today and don’t need to.”

Child 2: “That’s not true. My mommy and daddy tie me to trees when they get mad.”

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  • Jason

    Knowing kids, that is as likely to be untrue as true. Sometimes they come out with truly bizarre things and don’t realise the possible outcome of saying things like this.
    Of course, if it IS true obviously that’s very sad for the poor child.