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Gives New Meaning To Dynamic Duo

| Related | March 23, 2013

(My seven-year-old brother, my father, my father’s girlfriend, and I are all in the car. The topic of sexism, racism, and homophobia in superhero comics comes up in conversation.)

Me: “I love comics, but it sucks that there are so few gay heroes mainstream. The Green Lantern is pretty much the only one.”

Dad’s Girlfriend: “Wasn’t he different in the movie?”

Me: “Yeah, they played him as hetero to get more customers.”

Dad’s Girlfriend: Yeah, the mainstream media is like that, huh?”

Me: “It’s played up in the comics, but down in the movie—still, it’s surprising that there’s a gay superhero at all.”

Brother: “The Green Lantern isn’t the only one.”

Me: “Wait, who else?”

Brother: “There’s always Batman and Robin.”

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