Give Them The Cold Shoulder

| Friendly | April 21, 2014

(When my first son was five years old, I had a second son. A few weeks after he was born, I took them both to a park so that my older son could use up some energy. Since it is the middle of May in Florida, it’s pretty warm out, so I have my infant in a onesie outfit and socks. A middle aged woman sees him in his baby carrier.)

Woman: “Oh, your baby is so adorable! How old?”

Me: “Thanks. He’s almost a month old.”

Woman: “Only a month? Oh, my God! You need to cover him up! He’s going to freeze!”

Me: “Oh, no, he’s fine. It’s over 80 degrees out, so I don’t want him to get too warm.”

Woman: “No, you really need to cover him up! Don’t you know that babies have really thin skin? Here, take this!”

(She pulls a scarf out of her purse and starts to pull it over my son.)

Me: “No, thanks. He’s fine, really. He’s my second son, so I’ve done this before.”

Woman: “Take this! He is going to FREEZE!” *tries to shove the scarf on top of my son*

Me: “Okay. Thanks, but no thanks. We’re just going to leave.”

(I call my older son over and we start to walk to our car.)

Woman: *calling after me* “You really need to learn how to take care of babies!”

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