Give Them Food-Stamp For Thought

| Working | August 13, 2013

(My friend is in the ICU. I am babysitting her kids, and also have my own. It is Halloween, and I decide to take them trick or treating to cheer them up. In total I have nine children with me. We are in a group of stores that are in a mall that are having a Halloween party for kids to trick or treat at. Just as I pass by, an employee starts speaking loudly to me.)

Employee: “Think you got enough kids there, mom?”

Me: “What!”

Employee: “Ain’t welfare grand? The more you have the more food stamps you get. F****** welfare mama!”

My Son: “What’s food stamps? Why would anyone mail food?”

Friend’s Ten-Year-Old Son: *yelling* “She’s not my mom. My mom’s in the hospital in ICU, in a coma! And food stamps are the only way dad can feed us. My mom and dad have good jobs, and work hard, and I’m not gonna let some nosy bully like you talk like that to us!”

(The employee is white in the face and stuttering, when the manager walks up behind her.)

Manager: “Please clean out your things and leave.”

(The employee apologizes with tears streaming down her face.)

Friend’s Ten-Year-Old Son: “Please don’t fire her. Then her kids will cry when they need food stamps!”

Manager: *turns to the employee* “I guess we’re both having bad days.”

(The manager gives all the kids extra treat bags, and apologizes. He also agrees to only give his employee a warning. My friend does eventually recover, but is in a coma for three months. Ironically, she works as a case worker for the state in the food stamp division.)

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