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Give Them Credit For Trying… And Retrying

, , , | Right | November 1, 2021

Customers often keep a credit card on file with us. When they do, all they have to do is reference the last four digits of the card they want us to charge. As a security measure, we reps don’t actually see the card numbers on our end at all. We literally type four digits into a blank field. If it’s saved to their account, it’ll fill the field with asterisks; if not, we get a “No matches” message.

Caller: “Can you charge the card I have on file for my latest invoice?”

Me: “Certainly. What are the last four digits of the card?”

Caller: “The one on file.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but for security reasons, I’m not able to view the number to enter payment. I need you to give me the last four digits of the card.”

Caller: “And how am I supposed to know which card you have on file?”

Because it’s your financial information?

Me: “If you have multiple you want to try, we can certainly do that.”

The caller gives me eight different cards to try; none of them are on file. After the first two turn up “No matches,” I offer to take the whole credit card number for payment, which she very rudely declines. After the eighth “No matches” message:

Me: “As I said earlier, I’m happy to take the whole number of whichever of those cards you would like to use for payment.”

Caller: “That doesn’t seem very secure, does it?”

I think she means giving her card information over the phone.

Me: “Our calls are recorded, but we mark calls with credit card numbers for deletion by the end—”

Caller: “No, I meant that you can’t see my information to tell me which card I have on file. That’s not secure at all!”

Me: “I’m sorry? How so?”

Caller: “How am I supposed to know what information of mine you have and you don’t? How can I tell you to get rid of it if you can’t see it? You should have a list right in front of you so you can read right off to me what you know about me!”

Me: *Giving up* “I’m sorry about that, ma’am, and I will pass that feedback along. But for the invoice, would you like to give me the full card number now to pay for it?”

Caller: “I’ll email it to you!” *Hangs up*

And I thought she was worried about security?

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