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Give Them A Large For A Medium Or There Will Be A Larger Problem

, , , , | Right | November 11, 2018

(I work at an ice cream store owned by my grandfather. A customer comes in and asks for a medium bowl of ice cream. I portion the ice cream perfectly.)

Customer: “Oh, you need to give me a little more, please.”

(She speaks with a tone that clearly states, “I don’t trust you to give me the fair amount of product.”)

Me: “I can offer you a larger size of ice cream.”

Customer: *frowns at me* “No. I want the medium. But you need to give me more ice cream. Also I’d like the phone number for corporate.”

(A classic story of a customer expecting more for less and not respecting the way a business works. My grandfather gave her a refund for her ice cream and talked her out of complaining. I hope that rude woman starts going to [Popular Ice Cream Shop]. I’m sure they’d love to give her all the free extra product she wants.)