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Give The Gift Of Life And Life Pays It Forward

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I have been a plasma donor for quite some time and this happens one chilly day in the fall. I have been going through a tough time emotionally and financially but I am scraping by. It has started to drizzle and I know I am low on gas, but I hope that I can at least make it to the plasma center, donate, get paid for that, and make it to the gas station just up the street.

Unfortunately, when I come out of the center, I can’t start the car due to a lack of gas. I don’t have a jacket in my car because of poor planning on my part, but I resign myself to getting the gas can out of the trunk and walking the block and a half or so to the gas station and back.

I am walking along the sidewalk rubbing my arms to try and stay warm when a car pulls up to me and the lady in the driver’s seat leans over and asks where I am heading.

Me: “I’m on my way to the gas station because my car is totally out of gas!”

I laugh at myself.

Lady: “Well, hop in and I’ll drive you over there. Just this one up the street, right?”

I’m just grateful to be getting out of the rain.

Me: “Yes, thank you so much!”

She drives me up to a gas pump as we chat. I explain that I’m hoping that I have money on my card from donating and she laughs and tells me that she understands being tight on money. I get out to pay with my donor card and find out that it’s declined and that the money hasn’t been deposited yet.

Lady: “That’s okay! I’ll just charge it for you; it’s only a couple of dollars. 

Me: “Oh, thank you, thank you! I really appreciate this!”

I get my gas can filled and we head back to my car. We chat more on the way over and she promises to wait to make sure my car starts. As I start to get out, she hands me $40 and I am shocked and humbly accept the money. I get out and put the gas in. I climb into the driver’s seat and cross my fingers, hoping the car will start. I turn the key and voila! The engine turns over and I pump my fists in the air! I run back over to the lady’s car.

Me: “It worked! Thank you so much for saving me from walking in the cold!”

Lady: “I’m so glad!”

She reaches out her hand, and I reach back thinking she just wants to shake my hand. Suddenly, I feel a paper being slipped into my hand. I open it up to find a $100 bill. I begin stammering about how I can’t possibly accept this much from her and she just smiles.

Lady: “It’s okay; I just had that in my wallet. You need it more than I do and I hope you find some way to pay it back to someone in need one day.”

She drove off and I numbly walked back to my car and closed the door. It was not long before the numbness wore off and I began crying. I was able to fill my car and buy food with the money she gave me. I firmly believe that the lady who helped me three years ago was sent by something — be it fate, God, or just sheer dumb luck — to help get me through a rough time in my life and remind me that there are still good people in the world.

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