Give That Wife A Hug

, , , , | Right | February 2, 2020

(I work for a chain that offers double value on fuel coupons on Tuesdays. They come with a few restrictions: they cannot be expired, they have to be paper, we have to keep them, etc. This customer has a twenty-cent-off-per-gallon coupon that requires a carwash purchase.)

Coworker: “I’m sorry, sir, but as we do not have a carwash we cannot take this coupon.”

Customer: “That’s s***! My wife is a manager for one of your stores in the cities and she said you would take it!”

Me: “Does your wife work for a franchise store? They can follow their own rules. But we have to follow the coupon’s restrictions or else corporate will reject it and our store will not be reimbursed. I have a five-cent coupon, but that’s the best we can do for you tonight, I’m sorry!”

Customer: “That’s bull. I’m going to call my wife right now!” *on the phone* “Hey, I’m at this store and they won’t take my carwash coupon… No, they don’t…” *starts to mumble*

(He leaves the store and goes to his vehicle, coming back with a ten-cent coupon.)

Customer: “Sorry, I fill up twice a day and want to take advantage of the deals as much as possible.”

Coworker: “No problem! Sorry we couldn’t accept it, but you still saved two dollars!”

Me: *after he left* “I’m glad his wife agreed with us! That went much smoother than I expected.”

(It was nice to have a reasonable customer!)

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