Give That Guard A Ticket For Making Unfounded Assumptions

, , , , | Working | June 18, 2020

A little explanation, since I don’t know if this problem occurs in other countries: in the UK, train tickets have a tendency to lose all of their electronic information when in close proximity to a mobile phone. This means that they won’t scan correctly at automated gates at the stations and have to be visually checked by a guard.

This happens to me one day while I’m visiting the next town over from my hometown. Since I am only going one stop, I haven’t put my ticket away and have not realised that it came into contact with my phone. I follow my boyfriend to the ticket gates.

I call out to the nearby guard.

Me: “Excuse me! My ticket isn’t scanning.”

The guard gives me a disgusted look as she unlocks the gate.

Guard: “Yeah, right. I know exactly what you just did. Your little friend passed that back to you so you didn’t have to pay.”

Me: *Coldly* “No. It’s not scanning because it came into contact with my phone.”

Fuming at being accused of dishonesty over a known issue but not wanting to cause a scene in public, I stalk away before she has a chance to respond. On the return trip, as I scan my — working — return ticket, I hear her having a go at another young lady who is figuring out her journey.

Other Customer: “What, just because I’m a teenager means I’m not going to pay? I am paying!”

Looks like I wasn’t the only one who had troubles with her. I wish I’d gotten her name to put in a complaint, or at least told her I’m actually in my mid-twenties and have a Master’s degree and a steady job!

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