Give One, Get One Free

, , , | Right | August 27, 2010

(I’m waiting in line after ordering a cheeseburger. Another customer is being particularly annoying.)

Server: “Your cheeseburger’s ready, sir. That’ll be £2.80.”

Me: *handing over money* “Thanks.”

Other Customer: “Hey! Why’s he getting his first? We were here first; that’s mine!”

Server: “He ordered a cheeseburger. They’re quicker to make than double bacon burgers. Yours will be done in a minute.”

Other Customer: “I want that one! That one is mine!”

(I nod to the server, and they hand the woman the burger.)

Other Customer: “This has got cheese in it! And no bacon! Are you trying to rip me off?!”

Server: “You said you wanted that one rather than what you ordered.”

Other Customer: “This is appalling! I’m going elsewhere. You can’t get your orders in the right order!” *slams cheeseburger on van shelf then walks off*

Server: *smiling, to me* “Would you like a free bacon burger with your cheeseburger?”

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