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Give Me A Page Or Give Me Death

, , | Right | September 19, 2020

I need to make some copies at a copier I’ve used many times before. I have five books that I need one page each from, with the pages marked. A man gets to the machine just before I do with a large book. It takes him at least a minute to figure out how to put the book on the glass, and then he takes some time to find the “start” button, which does nothing because he hasn’t put any money in.

He seems confused about having to pay for copies, finally takes my word for it that it’s necessary, and puts in enough money for one copy and makes it. He then spends half a minute looking for where the copy comes out, asks me for help, looks at the copy, decides it’s not what he wants, and goes through the process again. This time, he bumps a button on the machine which sets it to “scan” instead of “copy,” and it takes a while for me to get the settings back so he can make his copy. 

Finally, after a good five minutes, he looks at my stack of books and says, “Lucky for me I got here before you did. I only needed one page.”

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