Give Liars A Pizza Your Mind

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(A pizza delivery guy sped through our neighborhood, ran a stop sign, and rammed my daughter’s car. He hit her so hard that he pushed her across the intersection, damaging a neighbor’s fence and a street sign. In an attempt to cover his tracks, he hid his pizza company sign in his trunk, and lied to the police about who owned the car, the insurance, and even whom he worked for. I finally tracked down the owner of the pizza company.)

Me: “Hello, this is [My Name], and I’m [Daughter]’s mother. Your delivery man rammed my daughter when he was speeding and ran a stop sign in our neighborhood, and then he lied about what company he worked for. He said he didn’t own the car, and he lied about his insurance.”

Owner: “Oh, yes. We’ve been trying to get information about that. He’s supposed to have insurance!”

Me:  “Well, it seems he doesn’t. It looks like he bought the car from this guy, and he says he doesn’t know the guy. However, they’re Facebook friends, and the title is still in the other guy’s name.”

Owner: “They both work for me! Of course he knows the guy; they work together!”

Me: “Well, it seems he doesn’t have insurance, and I’m sure you don’t want my daughter to end up owning your company, so I’m sure we can come to an equitable arrangement before I have to go to a lawyer about this.”

Owner: ” Certainly. I’ve already been in touch with my insurance company and we just need the details.”

Me: “And did you know that he damaged a homeowner’s fence and a street sign?”

Owner: “…No. Wow.”

Me: “The thing that really got me is that the first thing he did, after the crash, was not to check on the girls in the car to see if they were all right. The first thing he did was to borrow a neighbor’s cell phone so that he could call his job because he didn’t want to get in trouble with his job. That’s all he was worried about.”

Owner: “Well, he won’t have to worry about that any more!”

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