Give Him Back A Red Card

| Romantic | April 24, 2014

(I work at a bookstore in a strip mall. There is also a pizza place in the plaza. I had a crush on the delivery guy, who apparently liked me back because he asked me out on a date. After the first date, however, he turned crazy, calling me every 10 minutes, driving by my house to spy on me, and telling me he loved me in long voicemails when I didn’t answer my phone. I finally told him I didn’t want to talk to him anymore, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He found out it recently was my birthday, and the next time I am working he shows up at the bookstore.)

Pizza Guy: “Hey, honey. So, it was your birthday?”

Me: “Um, yeah.”

Pizza Guy: “Ah, why didn’t you tell me? I love you so much! Let me get you a card!”

(He goes to our card section and picks out a card.)

Pizza Guy: “Let me buy this for you!”

Me: No, I really don’t want it. Please just put it back. I’m not interested.”

Pizza Guy: “I’m going to buy it anyway!”

(He writes in it, even though I won’t ring it up, and signs it ‘Love, [Pizza Guy].’)

Pizza Guy: “Here you go. I love you!” *winks at me and leaves with a grin on his face*

(I ended up paying for the card so that it wouldn’t throw off the inventory, and promptly threw it in the garbage. From that point on, my coworkers warned me if they could see him coming so I could hide in the back room. I eventually had to change my phone number.)

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