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Girls Who Like Girls Who Are Like Boys

| Friendly | May 22, 2015

(I’m 16, and a girl. However, I have short hair and wear baggy clothes that hide my figure. I get mistaken for a guy A LOT. I’m hanging out with two of my friends.)

Friend #1: “You have got to send me that picture of the guy in leather.”

Friend #2: “I still can’t believe she got you to take a picture with him!             ”

(Suddenly, two VERY pretty girls walk past us, giggling, and wave at me.)

Me: *has no idea what just happened*

Friend #2: “Oh. My. God. Those girls thought you were cute!”

Friend #1: “Well, she is a pretty convincing guy.”

Me: “No, wait, what?! I’m not even trying to look like a guy today!”

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