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Girls Out To Brunch Are Hardcore

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: unrelator | June 23, 2021

I’m a server at a popular restaurant in a college town. On the weekends, we have $15 bottomless mimosas. Today, we were pretty busy with a big brunch crowd, and it felt like almost all of my tables ordered bottomless mimosas. They got at least ten refills each, and toward the end of my shift, when I only had about three tables, I was still running back and forth frantically trying to keep up with their drinks. The bartenders were pissed at me. We ran out of orange juice and almost ran out of champagne, so I was giving them grapefruit and pineapple juice mimosas.

I had one table of girls that had to have had at least five bottles of champagne between the three of them and they didn’t even seem drunk. They ended up camping there and I had to stay an hour and a half past my shift just serving them drinks. I finally gave them their checks.

Me: “Totally no rush. You guys can keep ordering after you pay.”

When a server tells you this, they definitely want you to leave.

Twenty minutes later, they still hadn’t taken their cards out.

Me: “Hey, do you mind if I check you guys out? My shift was supposed to end an hour and a half ago.”

They were apologetic about it, and I felt bad, but I have homework to do! But I kind of just said f*** it because I got a hunch that they were going to be terrible tippers anyway. But they tipped me 20% each, and one tipped me almost 40%, so that was a nice little surprise!

I came back an hour later to get myself some food and they were STILL there, having other servers get them mimosas.