Gingerly Keeping The Secret

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(My boyfriend is watching football, which I have no interest in. However, he knows I am into redheads; he happens to be one. We have a running joke that there is a secret “World Ginger Society” that he meets with but can’t divulge any information about.)

Me: *glazed look of boredom*

Boyfriend: “Hey, guess who the Bengals quarterback is?”

Me: “Um… that guy with the ball?”

Boyfriend: “Good, but he’s not just any guy with the ball. He’s a ginger!”

Me: “Oooh!”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, he’s one of the most accomplished gingers out there. In fact, he may be in the running for Ginger of the Year.”

Me: “Hmm… who was Ginger of the Year last year?”

Boyfriend: *in a suddenly serious tone* “I can’t tell you that. I shouldn’t even have mentioned who was being considered.”

Me: “Uh-oh. So, do you have to kill me now?”

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