Gig Us A Hug!

, , | Friendly | May 31, 2019

(This is a bit of a different story. I’ve gone to see my favourite band, who are touring at the moment. They used to be quite a small band, but they’ve grown in popularity recently, having been in the country’s most popular rock music magazine multiple times. They’re still really humble and down to earth, though, and the lead singer books all their tours.)

Me: “Hey, [Lead Singer], great to see you again!”

Lead Singer: “Oh, it’s you again! I remember you from last time! How are you enjoying it so far?” *pulls me in for a hug*

Me: “Amazing, as always! You know I always love your gigs!”

(We get chatting about random things for a while.)

Me: “I just wish I could see you in [Other City they’re playing next week], too! I’ve just got no money at the moment. I know it was only £10, but I could hardly even afford the ticket for this one!”

Lead Singer: “Well… [Other City] isn’t even close to being sold out yet. Just turn up and I’ll make sure you get in!”

(I’m really shocked because I honestly wasn’t expecting this!)

Me: “No, no, there’s no way I could let you do that—“

Lead Singer: “Honestly, if the venue isn’t full yet, and there are still people who’d love to see us play and who’d genuinely enjoy it, then nothing would make me happier. Just turn up next Friday and I’ll sort it.”

(I was honestly speechless by this point, so I just thanked him and gave him another hug. And people wonder why they’re my favourite band!)


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