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The Gift Of A Christmas Miracle

, , , , , | Working | December 24, 2017

(It’s the day before Christmas. The previous evening I had purchased some ingredients for a dessert as well as a $50 “dinner and a movie” gift card from the grocery store. When I got home the gift card was not in my bag, so I’ve returned first thing this morning to see if it was left at the register. Being a bit distressed I did not put much thought into my appearance and am wearing a scruffy hoodie and no makeup.)

Me: *at the customer service desk* “Good morning. Last night I purchased a gift card and I think it accidentally got left out when my groceries were bagged. Was one turned in?”

Clerk: “Let me check…” *she does* “Um, no, nothing is up here.”

Me: “Well, I am certain it wasn’t in my shopping bags when I got home. Is there any way the tapes can be checked to see if it was indeed bagged? Or can the original card be voided and a new one issued? I have the receipt with the code from the card.”

Clerk: “Um… let me get a manager.”

(The manager is fetched and I explain my situation to her.)

Manager:s *rudely, as she obviously thinks I am trying to scam the store* “Look, I checked the tapes and I didn’t see any card left behind. You can’t get a new card activated with that receipt. You’ll have to take it up with the card issuing company.”

Me: “But I purchased the card here. Please, is there anything that can be done? May I take a blank one off of the shelf? I guess I’ll try calling the company and seeing if they can transfer the balance.”

(She reluctantly allows this, so I grab the first one of the same card off the hanger and leave, with her giving me dirty looks the whole time. When I get home I call the card company and they state they cannot refund or transfer; the issue will have to be resolved with the store where I purchased the card. I give him the code from the new blank card.)

Customer Service Rep: “That card code you just gave me is showing a balance of $50.”

Me: “Wait, what? How is that possible?”

(I check and the code is identical to the code on my original purchase receipt. The cashier at the grocery store never did give me my gift card, and it was hung back on the rack. I picked my own purchased card off of the rack the next day! I’m lucky no one else wanted that same gift card before I went back and got it, and my only regret is not seeing that manager again to let her know I wasn’t scamming!)

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