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Gift Card And Ye Shall Receive

| Right | February 23, 2012

(I’ve just finished a week of cashier training for a large retail store. This is my first customer.)

Me: “Hello, how are you?”

Customer: “At the end, I have a gift card I want to use. Is that cool?”

Me: “Sure thing!” *rings up her items* “Your total is $10.97.”

Customer: “There’s no way that’s my total.”

Me: “Pardon?”

Customer: “I said I had a gift card. Add it now.”

Me: “Maybe I’m misunderstanding…did you want to purchase one and add money to it?”

Customer: “No! I want to use my gift card to pay for my s***!”

Me: *slightly panicking* “I apologize. May I swipe it for you?”

Customer: “Ugh! No! I don’t have it here with me!”

Me: “Ma’am, you need to have it with—”

Customer: *throws hands up in the air* “Forget it! I’ll go somewhere where they know what they’re doing!” *leaves without paying for anything*

Question of the Week

Have you ever met a customer who thought the world revolved around them?

I have a story to share!