Ghostbusting Through Stereotypes

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(This happens after the release of a movie reboot featuring an all-female cast. My brother is really obnoxious about it. As an aspiring filmmaker and as a sibling, it takes a lot of willpower not to punch him sometimes.)

Brother: “Can you believe it? Childhood ruined.”

Me: “Your childhood can’t be retroactively ruined. Just admit you didn’t like because it was a movie full of girls who didn’t kiss each other.”

Brother: “Come on, sis. Don’t you love the original?”

Me: “I do. Honestly, my only issues with the reboot were the pacing and editing; the cast wasn’t bad. Also, isn’t the point of a reboot to reinvent a story for new audiences?”

Brother: “I guess, but they ruined a childhood classic.”

Me: “Great-granny Adelheid spent her childhood running away from the Nazis. Your problem is rather minor compared to that.”

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