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Getting Your Just Desserts Isn’t Always Bad

, , , , | Working | March 29, 2021

Since we can’t have a regular Christmas party this year, corporate lets us choose between four dinner packages for two people which will be delivered to our homes. My package arrives and the courier is wearing a three-piece suit, the bag is on a tray, and it’s presented with a flourish. It’s a lovely start, and I mean that sincerely.

Looking over the instructions and unpacking all the items, I notice that there are two starter boxes, two main boxes, and one dessert box. Some of my coworkers received their package earlier and shared pictures, but since they picked different menus, it’s impossible to compare whether mine is complete.

My eye is caught by a line and picture that instructs me to put decorative edible flowers on the dessert. My package contains only one! This adds to my suspicions, but on the other hand, the dessert box looks a bit much for one person.

I end up calling the caterer since, if my package is incomplete, the driver is still nearby, and if it’s complete, I’ll know how to serve it.

I’m told I should indeed have one box for dessert. Only the decoration is incomplete. I thank them, wish them happy holidays, and am fully satisfied.

A few hours later, my doorbell rings. The caterer has brought an entire bouquet of flowers as an apology! I thank them twenty times over and emphasize that this was really not needed. For the next few days, I can’t stop smiling whenever I see the bouquet just for the sheer overstatement.

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