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Getting Your Just Desserts (And Someone Else’s)

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We once had a scammy waiter that tried to put another table’s stuff on our bill. We were a party of ten, and I always double-check and make sure there aren’t extra things on the bill when we have large parties because no one is going to want to pay the extra. I’ve gotten stuck before so I always double-check.

I wrote next to each item the person who ordered whatever and saw drinks, food, and desserts that were not ours on there that brought our bill up about $70. I called the waiter over and said the bill was wrong and pointed out the items that weren’t ours. He came back with an amended bill that only removed a few of the cheaper things.

When I pointed it out again, the manager, who happened to have been bussing a table nearby, came over and asked what was going on. I explained and he glared at the waiter but adjusted the bill correctly and also said dessert was on him.

The scammy waiter tried to put the dessert on our bill and not comp it. The manager had to fix that, too. 

The food and stuff that was on our bill? That belonged to the table the manager had been bussing. Apparently, they were friends of the scammy waiter and he figured we wouldn’t notice the extra charges since we were such a large group. Of course, his friends had already booked out, so I’m guessing the scammy waiter had to pay the bill. I didn’t see him the next time I was there, so he probably got sacked, too. It just makes me wonder how many times he pulled that stunt before I caught him and called him out.

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