Getting You Out Of A Hairy Assumption

| Related | April 15, 2015

(I’m looking for a can of mousse when I overhear a boy around six or seven years old whining at his mom. They speak with slight Appalachian drawls.)

Boy: “Mommmmm, why can’t I get it?”

(‘It’ appears to be a very shiny hairclip of some kind. Considering our location in the Bible Belt, I expect the worst.)

Mom: “Because you can’t wear it!”

Boy: “It’s ’cause I’m a boy, isn’t it?!”

(I flinch in anticipation.)

Mom: “No, it’s ’cause you’re a boy with a buzzcut!! There’s not enough hair on your head to clip it to!”

Boy: *long pause* “Can I have my hair back?”

(Instead of making assumptions about who’s bigoted, maybe I need to look at myself! Thanks, strangers, for brightening my day!)

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