Getting To The Tooth Of The Matter

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(A good friend of mine goes to school to become a dental assistant. After a horrible, traumatizing experience when I had my wisdom teeth removed, my friend has convinced me that the dentist she works for is very gentle, listens well, and will ease my fears. She is right, and I start visiting him regularly. One night out at a club with that same friend, I am taking a drink of beer from a glass bottle, and she knocks into me, causing the bottle to chip my front tooth. I stay at her house that night, and she takes me to her office the next morning.)

Friend: “[My Name] is here to have her front tooth filed, due to an uneven edge.”

(I smirk, because I can tell she doesn’t want to admit to her colleagues that she, a dental professional, caused the “uneven edge.” We are taken back into a room where the dentist comes in and examines me.)

Dentist: “That’s a decent chip. How did you say that happened?”

Me: “[Friend], why don’t you tell him?”

Friend: “Well, um, we were out last night, and I may have… um, bumped her, which pushed her teeth into a bottle and… chipped it.”

(She is blushing profusely. Her boss and I are cracking up.)

Dentist: “Well, I did tell you to bring in new clients.”

Me: “I already come here!”

Dentist: “Job security, then? Let’s smooth that out.”

(It was a relatively painless experience, all in, and a great story we never let my friend live down.)

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