Getting Them Back Is True Therapy

| Louisville, KY, USA | Right | November 19, 2012

(I’m a barista at a coffee shop. We’re pretty busy, but two older female customers are talking loudly enough to be heard by the whole shop.)

Woman #1: “Well, at least your daughter hasn’t forgotten that she is a woman.”

Woman #2: “Oh, I know. It’s such a shame when a girl forgets her feminine side.”

(At this point, Woman #2 sees a bald teenager on the other side of the shop and gestures towards her.)

Woman #2: “Like her. She’d be so pretty with hair!”

(Hearing this, the bald girl stands up, completely calm, and walks over to the two women. The entire shop falls silent.)

Bald girl: *holds out her hand* “Hi, my name is [name] and I’m going through chemotherapy.”

(Both women go scarlet and run out of the shop. The girl got an ovation and a free drink.)

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  • Nallely Natalie Ramos Valencia

    People sometimes are so sick that they judge everyone without knowing the persons struggles.. poor girl hopefully she beat her disease

  • Lunam_Kardas

    Even if the poor girl wasn’t undergoing chemo (which I hope was successful), you should have the sense to disapprove QUIETLY, because what someone else does to their body is none of your business.