Getting Their Teeth Into Family Traits

, , , | Right | November 2, 2018

(My brothers and I work together. This customer has spoken to all three of us within a few minutes of each other.)

Customer: *as one of my brothers walks away after greeting him* “Okay, so you and—” *gestures to both my brothers that are now busy* “—are…?”

Me: “They’re my brothers, yes, sir.”

Customer: “Okay, that’s what I thought! As soon as [Brother that just walked away] smiled, I knew you all had to be related. You all have the same shaped teeth.”

Me: “Our teeth are the same? Two of us have had braces, so we might have similar smiles?”

Customer: “No, no! Not how straight your teeth are, the actual shape of your teeth is the same! I can tell!” *continues mini-rant about teeth*

(This customer was not a dentist or anything. I’ve had plenty of people who’ve seen a resemblance between us siblings, but this is the first time our teeth have given us away!)

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