Getting The Equal And Opposite Reaction You Wanted

| Learning | January 25, 2016

(In my sophomore year of high school, my counselor decides that because I have Asperger’s that it is best for me to take a lower-level introductory science class, despite it being my best subject and having made A’s in my science classes my entire school career up until then.  I’d just spend my time in the class daydreaming. My teacher didn’t care since my scores were perfect and I wasn’t disruptive like the other kids despite some of my best friends in the class with me. For the most part I am a model student…)

Teacher: “Okay, I have a little animation of an example of Newton’s Third Law for you guys…”

(What he shows is a really stupid animation of a stick man in a car that rams into a brick wall, sending the stick man unrealistically flying straight up out of the car, then over the brick wall, all while doing a front flip, then walking away as if nothing happened. Trust me, it was far less exciting than I just described. The teacher leaves the animation playing on the screen for a solid two minutes, not saying anything. Then I get an idea.)

Me: *waits for the next time the stick man flips over the wall* “…Wheeeee!”

(A few of the [many] class slackers start laughing and then to my surprise, join in with me!)

Students: “Wheee!”

Best Friend: “Oh, god, what have you done…”

(By this point almost everyone, even the teacher, has joined in.)

Everyone: “Wheee!”

Teacher: “All together now!”

Everyone: “Wheeee!”

Teacher: “One more time!”

Everyone: “Wheeeeeeeeeeee!”

(The lesson then continued on as if nothing happened. That was probably the greatest highlight of the worst class I ever had.)

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