Getting The Elementary Facts

| Learning | April 10, 2015

(My high school has a program where students from a class form groups and teach a lesson to elementary school students. My friends and I are introducing ourselves to our class of second graders.)

Friend: “So my name is [Friend] and I am going to college to be a nurse next year.”

(I notice a student with her hand up and call on her.)

Student #1: “My mom is a nurse!”

Me: *since we are still setting up* “That’s really cool.”

(Another student raises hand, and I call on him.)

Student #2: “My mom is a doctor.”

Me: “Neat!”

(A third student has her hand up, and I’m starting to be agitated. I call on her, though.)

Student #3: “My mom is a butt doctor.”

(The teacher was not amused but it made our day.)

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