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Getting That Refund Is Even More Painful

, , , , | Working | October 18, 2019

(I go with my sister to a very famous, high-end store that sells expensive makeup. I buy some eye cream and when I apply a little bit to my skin, my eye goes all puffy and painful. Luckily, it goes back to normal the next day, and I go back to the store to return the cream.)

Me: “This cream made my eye all red and painful. I need to return it.”

Clerk: “Of course… Oh, you used it.”

Me: “Yes, that’s how I know.”

Clerk: “But you can’t return used items.”

Me: “Where does it say that?” *pointing to receipt* “The return policy says that if I’m not satisfied with the product for any reason, I can return it, no questions asked.”

Clerk: “But we can’t resell used items.”

Me: “That’s not my problem. How am I supposed to judge whether I’m satisfied if I don’t use it? I only used it once, see?” *holds up the almost full bottle*

Clerk: *stares, then blinks* “Sorry, we can’t resell used items. Would you like to sign up for our member rewards? You can get a free makeover!”

Me: “Where’s your manager?”

Clerk: “Somewhere. I’ll call her. So, how about that rewards program? First, what’s your phone number?”

(I kept insisting for a manager, and she kept trying to get my number. The manager never showed up. I left them a bad review and when I went to the mall again, it was closed. I honestly don’t know what they were thinking!)

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