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Getting That Fry-Day Feeling

, , , | Right | August 4, 2019

(I’m working the late shift and, after two power outages in the space of an hour, some of the equipment still isn’t working quite right. I’ve already dealt with customers who were angry about not being able to order or not being able to get ice cream because the machine hasn’t finished cooling yet. I’m already aggravated at being treated so poorly for something I can’t control when this happens in the drive-thru. The customer pulls up to the service window.)

Me: “Hello! Sorry for such a long wait. Here’s your food and drinks, and I’m just waiting for one more bag to give you.”

Customer: “Okay, can I order something else since I’m here?”

Me: *looking at the already long line behind him* “Sure! What can I add for you?”

Customer: “Oh, just another three large drinks.”

(I take his money, and his food is ready before his drinks are, so I hand him his last bag full of fries.)

Me: “Here’s your last bag of food, and it’ll take me one moment to get your drinks.”

(As I’m making his drinks, I glance over and see him and his buddy take some fries out of one of the containers and eat them.)

Me: “Here are your drinks, sir!”

Customer: *holding the now slightly empty container of fries at me* “What? You guys don’t fill up the fries anymore? Why did you give me a half-empty fry?”

Me: “Sir, it was full. I saw you eat some of them.”

Customer: “I only had two! I bet you ate some of them since—“ *gesturing at me* “—you’re so big! Why did you eat some of my fries?!”