Getting Testy(s) With The Alphabet

| Friendly | April 11, 2014

(I am a female. Two male friends and I are driving back from a concert.)

Friend #1: “By the way, I have a gig coming up. It’s at [Location that begins with ‘B’].”

Me: “Where’s that?”

Friend #2: “Close to [Other Location].”

Me: “Never heard of it. It starts with a ‘P’?”

Friend #1: “No, it’s ‘B’. ‘B’ for ball-hair.”

Friend #2: “Ball-hair?”

Friend #1: “Yeah, you know. Ball-hair.”

Friend #2: “Was that seriously the first word with a ‘B’ you could come up with?”

Me: *trying not to giggle* “It’s all right, guys. Now I’ll definitely remember it!”

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