Getting Some Backpack Flack

| Working | May 8, 2017

(A while ago I had an IT problem that was handled in part by one of our IT apprentices. During this I already noticed that he was maybe not the brightest. Then, one day I find a backpack on the train — with his name in it! So I call his parents and tell them I have found the backpack and will bring it to the office. I also write an email directly to him, but do not receive any reaction over two days. So I call him:)

Me: “I think I found your backpack on the train. Didn’t your parents tell you?”

Apprentice: “No, they said someone from the railway service had found it.”

Me: “Ooookay, but I also wrote you an e-mail about it?!”

Apprentice: “Well, yes, I saw that, but how could you have found my backpack?”

Me: “Listen, I have a backpack here, a black one, with your name in it. Is it yours?”

Apprentice: “Actually, mine’s blue and—”

Me: *interrupting* “Did you, or did you not, leave your backpack on a train?”

Apprentice: “Uh, yes…”

Me: “Then come and get it in my office!”

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