Getting Shirty With You

| Friendly | February 12, 2015

(I’m out to dinner with a few of my female friends. I’m wearing a fan made My Little Pony and Harry Potter shirt that says ‘My Patronus is a Pony’.)

Friend #1: *seeing my shirt* “Oh, my god, [My Name], you’re so crazy!”

Me: “We’ve established this. You think I’d wear a shirt like this if I cared if anyone knew I was crazy?”

Friend #1: “But it’s so stupid!”

Me: “Eh, whatever.”

(Later, as we’re getting up to leave the restaurant, a fairly attractive waitress is passing by and notices my shirt.)

Waitress: *stops dead and reads my shirt* “HA! I love your shirt, man!”

Me: “Thanks!”

(We leave the restaurant.)

Me: *turning to [Friend #1]* “Oh, I’m so CRAZY, right? No one would like this shirt.”

Friend #1: “Shut up.”

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