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Getting Shirty With You

| Romantic | September 8, 2016

(For nearly five years I have been a female member of a co-ed community group that meets weekly in the local library. Immediately after what I thought was a normal meeting, I receive an email from one of the male members.)

Man: “Tonight was really awkward. I have never hit on you. I have never shown any animosity towards you, so there was no need for that passive-aggressive behavior towards me. I’ve been in this group for two years, and I am not there to meet girls. I feel I have not overstepped any boundaries.”

Me: “I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about, and getting this email out of the blue floored me.”

Man: “I saw your shirt, and it was obvious you wore it to hint to me I did something wrong.”

(At this point, I realize I had worn a T-shirt that says: “Yes, I’m asexual. No, I’m not waiting to meet the right person.”)

Me: “I wore that shirt because it highlights part of my identity. It’s not like it was directed at anyone.”

(It’s not as if he’s the only male in this group. Furthermore, this man is easily old enough to be my father, and he HAD asked me out several months ago.)

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