Getting Shirty About The Dress

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(I’m 16 years old and have been working at my first job, a popular teen clothing store, for a couple months. A woman approaches me asking for help locating an item.)

Customer: “I was just in here a couple days ago, and my daughter saw this shirt she wanted, so I came back to buy it for her birthday, but I can’t find it.”

Me: “Great! Can you describe it for me?”

Customer: “It was blue.”

Me: “What shade of blue? We have all kinds of blue shirts, from pastel to navy.”

Customer: “I don’t know. Maybe it wasn’t blue… maybe it was white?”

Me: “Hmm, all right. We’ve got a few light blue shirts over here.”

(I take her around the store, showing her a few options.)

Customer: “No, it isn’t any of these.”

Me: “No problem, we’ve got a bunch of blue or white shirts all over the store. Do you remember if it had any patterns or designs on it?”

Customer: “Yeah, I think so. Maybe.”

Me: “…Okay, what colors were in the pattern or design?”

Customer: “I don’t know.”

Me: “All right, how about this. What style was the shirt? Was it form-fitting or loose, with long sleeves or short sleeves?”

Customer: “I have no idea. It may have been a dress.”

(Trying very hard not to show my frustration, I decide to let her browse, since she has no idea what she’s looking for.)

Me: “The majority of our dresses are on this rack here, and the shirts are spread out all over the store. I’d also check the clearance racks to see if you find something that looks familiar. I’m not really sure what shirt or dress you’re looking for, so please feel free to look around and let me know if there is anything else I can do for you, or if you remember any details.”

Customer: “You just had a it a few days ago! How can you not know where it is?”

Me: “It’s possible that I do know where the item is, but your description matches nearly half the store. It could be anywhere. If you can’t give me more details about it, I have to just let you shop so I can help other customers.”

(The customer walks off in a huff, and I see her at the register about 15 minutes later, purchasing several pairs of jeans and a red blouse with no designs on it. She notices me and holds up the shirt.)

Customer: “Hey, look! I found it! It was on the same rack as before!”

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