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Getting Salty With Chemistry

, , , | Right | May 11, 2022

I’m updating shelf tags one Saturday night and hear a customer at the other end of the aisle loudly complaining. I’m not close enough to make out just what he is complaining about but assume it’s one of the usual problems: he can’t find the specific item his wife sent him in for, the price is more than expected, etc.

Being the good little employee I am, I approach him.

Me: “Can I offer any assistance?”

Customer: “I’m shocked by the amount of sodium in [product]!”

He then hands me a canister of a brand of iodized salt. I automatically think he must be joking, but he quickly disabuses me of this notion by pointing out the sodium content in all the other brands on the shelf.

Me: “Sir, salt is sodium chloride and that’s the reason for the high sodium content.”

The customer wasn’t having it. He just started getting louder until he was screaming that the sodium content was just outrageous and that we should do something about it. Like what, change chemistry?

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