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Getting Owned By The Owner, Part 14

, , , , | Right | November 2, 2020

I am dating a guy who co-owns a small restaurant with his father. All of the staff know who I am since I pop in to say hello to my boyfriend quite often.

We are both going out of town for a week and have a flight for later in the day. My boyfriend wants to stop in the restaurant before we go to the airport because he’s nervous to be away for a week.

We arrive and he goes in the back to do his last-minute check and make sure the staff knows he’ll be gone. It’s between lunch and dinner and it’s mostly empty. I take a seat at one of the empty tables by the kitchen and play around on my phone while I’m waiting.

In comes a woman that is there to pick up a to-go order. To-go orders are being manned by a girl that has only been working there for a couple of weeks. I’m not paying attention until I hear raised voices. This woman is not only claiming to know the owners but that she’s their wife.

Customer: “I never pay! Obviously, you’re new and don’t know how this works! Now, give me my order or else you’re done here!”

The poor girl is looking like she’s about to cry, which is my cue to step in.

Me: “Pardon me, you said you’re married to the owner?”

Immediately, she gets in my face.

Customer: “Mind your own business! No one was talking to you!”

Me: “I’m confused about how you could be married to the owner. There are two: one is a widower and the other is dating me. So, unless my boyfriend has a secret wife, I would think you were trying to scam a free meal out of a new employee that may not know that.”

My voice is getting louder with each word, finally catching the attention of my boyfriend, who comes out, looking confused.

Boyfriend: “What’s going on?”


Both of us are dressed pretty casually since we are about to get on a long flight. He is not giving off “owner” vibes by any means.

Me: “That’s one of the owners. You should recognize him. He’s either your husband or son.”

Finally, it clicked in this woman’s brain. Turning red, she bolted out the door. Funnily enough, she tried the same thing again when another new person was working the to-go counter. After that, the owners made sure new employees met the family and also knew about this crazy woman.

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