Getting Mugged

| Working | May 5, 2014

(I had just gone to a coffee shop and got a coffee to go in my special no-spill travel mug. My next stop was a clothing store.)

Employee: “Miss, you can’t bring any food or beverage in with you.”

Me: “Of course. I understand.”

Employee: “You can leave it on the counter if you want. I’ll keep an eye on it to make sure no one takes it. That’s a very nice mug! Don’t want anything to happen to it!”

(She places it behind the counter.)

Me: “Thank you very much!”

(I do my shopping for maybe 10 minutes and go to check out at the register.)

Me: “Oh, do you have my coffee?”

Employee: “We don’t sell coffee here, miss.”

Me: “No, you took my coffee and put it behind the counter when I came in.”

Employee: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Me: “It’s right there behind you. I’d like it back. It is in my favorite travel mug. It was expensive.”

Employee: “Ma’am, like I said, we don’t sell coffee here.”

Me: “Seriously, just give me back my coffee. I bought it before I came in here. You told me I couldn’t shop with it in case of spills, so you put it right there. You complimented my mug. It’s behind you. Right there.”

Employee: “I have to go see something.” *abruptly wanders off*

(When she went to the back, I grabbed my coffee from behind the counter and left without the clothing I came to buy. I haven’t been back since. I’m too worried someone will take my travel mug!)

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