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Getting Mixed Messages About The Soup

| Friendly | March 17, 2016

(My best friend and I are studying at my house. While I am quite academically inclined, she is not. She tends to fall asleep easily in class or while doing homework.)

Me: “[Friend], wake up!”

Friend: *eyes closed* “I am not asleep!”

Me: “Yes, you are!”

Friend: “No, I’m not!”

Me: “Okay.” *continues teaching*

(My mom brings out two bowls of soup. My friend has never tried this particular kind of soup so she tastes it, decides she does not like it, and puts her head back on the table.)

Friend: “[My Name], why did you mix the colors?”

Me: “What?”

Friend: “You mixed them!”

(At this point it is clear that she is talking in her sleep so I shake her awake and continue studying. The next day we are having lunch together.)

Me: “Hey, [Friend], remember when we were studying yesterday?”

Friend: “Yeah, why?”

Me: “Why did you ask me why I ‘mixed the colors’?”

Friend: “Because you did! Your mom brought out two bowls of paint and said to try it and see if I liked it, so I tasted it, and then you mixed the colors!”

Me: “It was SOUP!”

Friend: “Oh. I guess I was dreaming.”

Me: “I knew you were asleep!”

Friend: “I thought it was paint…”

Me: “If you thought it was paint why did you TASTE it?!”

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