Getting Long Distance Fixed

, , , | Working | April 30, 2018

(I’m trying to figure out how to get a replacement phone. The one the store sent me was defective, and because it was a refurbished phone, the physical store in town says they can’t help. They give me the number to call and I do. I’ve talked to about five people and been transferred to multiple departments, and I’m getting irritated.)

Me: “I really need this fixed. It’s not acceptable that I was sent a defective phone.”

Employee: “I completely understand. I’m going to get this fixed.”

Me: “Great. Thank you.”

Employee: “Okay, which location did you bring the phone to?”

Me: “The one at [Street in Town].”

Employee: “Okay, I need you to take it to [Store in City I haven’t lived in for a decade].”

(I’m stunned, because this information has certainly been updated then. All bills and new orders have been delivered to my new address.)

Me: “What? I haven’t lived there since I was twelve. Why is this location being brought up?”

Employee: “I need you to bring it there. That’s how it will get fixed.”

Me: *sighs and hangs up*

(I eventually called back after the rage passed, got it worked out by someone who didn’t want me to travel 1,000 miles.)

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