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Getting Into The Meat Of History

| Learning | September 11, 2014

(In Singapore, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, so people are generally unaware of its origins. During a general paper class, we have to read up on an article about the American family, and eventually, we stumble across the topic of Thanksgiving day. Having an American family, I explain what Thanksgiving is about to my friends. We go back to reading the article, and a few minutes later…)

Friend: “I GET IT NOW!”

Me: “Get what?”

Friend: “Why Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving.”

Me: “Enlighten me.”

Friend: “Look at this.” *reads from article* “‘The day on which Thanksgiving is celebrated was signed into union by Abraham Lincoln.'”

Me: “…so?”

Friend: “DON’T YOU GET IT?!”

Me: “Am I supposed to?”

Friend: “It was signed into union by AbraHAM Lincoln. Ham! Turkey ham!”

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