Getting Into A Latte Trouble

| Right | July 14, 2017

(I used to work in what can only be described as a total dive. Because of the place – and also, I think, because of my skin colour – customers used to make all kinds of incredibly snobbish assumptions about me. Please note that I have the same accent as a BBC news presenter.)

Customer: “Hey! Hey, you! Two lattes!”

(I am too surprised by his rudeness to answer immediately.)

Customer: “Didn’t you understand me? God. Two. Lattes.” *very slowly, as if I don’t speak English* “Two. Lattes. Two. Latte. Coffees.”

Me: *losing my patience somewhat* “Yes, sir, as opposed to two latte teas. If you’d kindly join the queue by the tills; I am making coffees, as opposed to taking orders.”

Customer: *shamefacedly* “Oh. Er, yes. Of course.”

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