Getting Inside Does Not Guarantee Service

, , , | Right | July 29, 2020

I work at a movie theater. It is a Saturday morning and we’ve not yet opened. Our first show doesn’t start for almost an hour. I work in the box office and I’m getting everything set up. Behind me, the exit door is slightly ajar to allow employees to enter. All other doors are locked and the lights are off. Suddenly, a customer and a young child appear in front of my desk. 

Customer: “Why are your doors locked and the lights off?”

Me: “That’s because we’re not yet open, sir. May I ask how you got in?”

Customer: “We tried every door, and we saw that that exit was unlocked, so we came in. Are there any tickets left for this morning’s show of [Children’s Movie]?”

Me: “Sir, we are not open. I’m going to have to ask you to leave until we unlock the doors and are open.”

Customer: “But you’re here now, and we got in through a door! I want two tickets to [Children’s Movie]!”

I ended up having to call a manager to escort them out. He was only able to get them to leave after threatening to call the cops!

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