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Getting His Insecure Panties In A Twist, Part 2

, , , | Right | CREDIT: egocorvum | September 24, 2020

At our fast food place, if you wear something cow-related on national cow day, you get a free sandwich.

I am a seventeen-year-old girl, and still fairly new to this job but I am pretty good at the register so I am often allowed to work alone. A middle-aged man comes up.

Customer: *Mumbles something under his breath*

Me: “Sorry, sir, I didn’t catch that. Can you please repeat it?”

Customer: *Mumbles again.*

I have to keep asking him to repeat it because I have no clue what he’s saying. Eventually:

Me: “I need to get my manager.”

When I come back with my manager, I asked what he said again and it was as if the whole freaking restaurant fell silent just for this guy, as clear as day, to say:

Customer: “I have cow panties on and I would like my free sandwich. Do I have to show you?”

I swear to god nobody moved.

Manager: *Politely* “Cow day is not this week, it’s next week.”

I have to go to the back so I wouldn’t start cry laughing in this guy’s face and while I was gone, he got flustered and then started claiming he was just joking. A new worker took over his order because I was in the back, but he also called me a lesbian for not completing his order.

I got a crazy funny story out of it though so it’s all good.

Getting His Insecure Panties In A Twist