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Getting Themselves Into An Even Bigger Mess

, , | Working | June 22, 2017

(I enter a store’s bathroom to use it, and the stalls are all full except for one, and a nightmarish scene is in there. Blood and urine stains everywhere, and the smell is horrific. I exit and find a worker, who is a teenager.)

Me: “Excuse me, I’ve just been in the female restroom—”

Worker #1: “Wah?”

Me: “—and there’s a big mess in one of the stall., I don’t know who—”

Worker #1: *yells behind me at someone* “Hey! Come over here. This chick is saying something about a mess she made?”

Me: “No! It wasn’t me!”

(Another worker joins us, and he seems perhaps older and more sensible. But no.)

Worker #2: “What’s this? A mess?”

Worker #1: “Yeah, she said a mess in the bathroom and she made it!”


Worker #2: “Well, I’m not cleaning it!”

Worker #1: “Yeah, we can’t enter the female bathrooms, anyway.”

Worker #2: “I doubt we have any females working now.” *to me* “Since you made the mess, we’ll hand you a mop and you can clean it, ‘kay?”

Me: “Where’s the manager?”

(The manager came over, and I explained to her what happened, with the two male workers still insisting that I made the mess and laughing. What clowns. I left.)

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