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Getting Emotional Baggage

| Learning | May 10, 2017

(My mom is a receptionist for my former high school and has been working there for over twenty years. She has to buzz people in; they can’t just come and go as they wish, especially considering France’s current climate. Anyway, on that day, the rule is stricter than on normal school days: she cannot let ANYONE in, and if anyone wants to be let in, she has to ask. Cue one special student through the intercom…)

Student: “Hello, I need to come in to retrieve my bag from the study room, please.”

Mom: “Hello, I have specific directions not to let anyone in this afternoon, and the people who usually decide on this are out for the day, but let me ask around to find someone for you, okay?”

(Mom starts to call in various departments, to see if anyone of authority can let the student in. Sometimes it takes a while since people don’t stay put in their offices. After less than five minutes, the student buzzes again, I don’t hear what he says. He does, however, sound really angry.)

Mom: “Look, people are not at my disposal. We have two solutions here: either you wait for a few minutes while I find someone to help you, or you’re not getting in no matter what you are here for. Do you understand?”

(The student seemed to calm down after that, thankfully.)

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